AD-LIB ACTORS, Principle, Supporting & Day Players are currently in need.

This project is VERY complicated. Only a few shows, counted on one hand, have pulled off what we are doing! Our show has no pre-scripted dialogue, no specific director and is shot in 360' modality (VR/AR/MR as well as FLAT)!

That means each actor regardless of classification will be required to participate in writing their own dialogue, self-direction with the aid of Technical Advisers and be OK with not just their "best-side" being shot!

Besides the standard definition applied to both of the above, we have an additional qualification distinguishing the two: a Principle actor must be willing to engage their artistic creative endeavors not only to acting but also to lending their opinions about directing and action that not only involves their character but also those characters involved in their characters scenes. While we encourage all actors including day players to express their opinions it will not affect our selection if a supporting/day player is not comfortable with this situation.

HOWEVER, we expect ALL ACTORS regardless of classification to have the following capabilities/desires:

1. Are you an actor interested in non-scripted dialogue Episodic TV?

2. Can you imagine yourself immersed into a world where your viewer sees you in 360?

3. Can you develop an intimate relationship with your camera's?

4. Can you work collaboratively with fellow actors to self-direct the scene.

If you answered yes to all four of these questions, then you might just be right for this project.

All actors must be capable of saying yes, then proving yes was the correct answer.

If you feel this fits you, the excitement of uncharted territory and willingness to engage a 360' you, then please send us via email your information including any links. If you do not have your picture or videos/work on the internet including but not limited to IMDB or any other site, please include a pic of yourself and your stats to:


What can we say, if you are into TV Production, Gaming, or Live Events from Behind-The-Camera, have a skill, are interested in learning, love VR/AR/MR, love new technology, Suspense-Thriller genre's and want to use your interests/talents towards these goals, we are interested in hearing from you! 

Read on to see some of the active areas we are most interested in at this time, however, keep coming back as we are adding to this list daily!

So you thought doing a 4 camera show... by yourself was hard, imagine if you were doing a 4 camera show and each camera had 16 lenses! And each of those camera's were placed in situations unlike most; such as above and below hanging, attached to walls and are effectively part of set dressing, on an actors head attached to a helmet.

Now add onto the equation, we are all ad-lib, no specific director other than some direction given by Technical Advisers, Executive Producers & Producers who will be on set every day,  very few kid performers, but a recurring animal actor with principle part, 100% digital and editing on the spot, BTS everywhere and performers who are encouraged to flub, screw-up, crew expected to be happy, well fed group... you name it, it will be different!

Stay tuned for listing to be up by next week!