Joe Johnson

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Joe has been involved in the Film and TV industry for the past 18 years centering around Venture Capital Investing. He has an extensive background in Financial Investments, Legal knowledge & Industry involvement surrounding Films & TV Productions involving heavy Police & Law Procedural Genre’s. Early on, Joe’s background included Investigative avenues within both County and City Government. This started his venture into Technical Advising, then towards the Producing ring. Originally from New York, it is no wonder he landed feet first in Los Angeles, home to the Film/TV world. A few years in Producing naturally lead to his Investing and ultimately being a Showrunner. Although starting out in the conservative world of Network & Broadcasting, he soon realized those worlds are dying a slow/painful death and ventured into the WEB world. Within two years he has developed online personalities commanding multi-million subscriber slots. As a Showrunner, he believes WEB presence has grown from infancy to its teens and just keeps blooming from there. As for his future goals; continue Executive Producing in the worlds of Episodic TV & Development of Online Strategic-Logic-FPS Gaming.




Over 30 years of collective TV and Film experience, a Primetime Emmy Nomination, 1 Cable Ace Award & 3 Nominations. My vested interests finally lead me to Venture Capital Investments & Executive Producing. Both fields allow me to excel and enjoy life, these are my strengths. This latest project has added  depth to my life in ways I cannot count. Writing never a strong point, is now a developing passion along with VR, new exciting fields of Entertainment and growth in appreciation for the ever changing world of visual content, media modalities and delivery. My new mantra: "I cannot wait to see what exciting things are in store for tomorrow."


Edgar "Capi" Capifali


Throughout my years there have been many roads and avenues taken, tried and determined to have been good learning experiences, but none like this! The ability to utilize the 30+ years of Public and Private work with seemingly no relation to the Industry, boggled the mind. In fact, expressing an inner Artistic desire was always there but remained dormant... until now. So here I am, a retired detective with 30 years law enforcement experience with a number of Government Agencies, having investigated hundreds of attempted murder cases and all that it entails. I wrote my first Mystery and its being turned into a TV Show, a Game and so much more. Anyone's dream can come true, never give into other peoples desire to cubbyhole you, be yourself!




My life has been filled with so many rich opportunities and adventures. My background started in a big way... putting together (and of course enjoying every minute) VIP parties for very large, high end Music Artists. Being artistic by nature, it has always been in my blood to work in both the Entertainment and Music Industries. 

I am a hands on type of person, so the opportunity to work in the Entertainment Industry started with the Locations Department of Films & TV shows. Finding the perfect spot offered me an opportunity to work with some of the top Directors and Producers, Actors, Musicians and the most fantastic crew you would ever want to meet. It also afforded me an opportunity to explore other areas within the Entertainment field and I was at the right place at the right time, slipped into Producing and found it to be all I had ever hoped for, including this new venture. Looking forward to all life has to offer!





Of my many talents, there are a couple I have recently discovered and enjoy; Photography and Teaching. I believe life opened these doors for a reason to which I am grateful. A couple of years ago one of those newly discovered talents: photography, lead me to the Film Industry and needless to say I was bitten hard! Being exposed to the more creative side of me has lead to joys I could only have dreamed about 2 years ago. Now I am involved in a TV project filled with as much potential as I see in myself. There I was, exploring a given talent I didn’t even know existed or truly appreciate, when I was approached and told my talents are natural and to not stop there. As it turns out, the creative side of me is even more expansive than I thought. Creating is in my blood and living this dream has allowed me to explore even greater avenues. Producing allows me to explore many of those fields including Acting and the left brain fields of Producing (of course with a right brain flair). Been told Acting is also in my blood, so here I am, on set, acting… and who would have thought!





As a Visual Effects Artist, I take pride in the years of hard work, labor, imagination, creative flow and mentors. Now it is my time to shine. Giving the Producer and Directors what they need each and every time is my goal. My specialties are in both Live Action and Recorded Action, my record speaks for itself! A Producer is the ultimate level for creative persons such as myself. It means we have designed, created and carried thru with ensuring projects look as good onscreen as is humanly possible.




Someone once asked me, "what's your favorite question when interviewed?" My answer, "that's easy, things I love." And the answer: Family, Friends, Animals, VR, Gaming and Camping. OK, so there's more, but certainly not enough room here to list them all. Producing, Directing and Karaoke certainly need to be on the list. See, like I said... there are lots of things I love, but FAMILY tops the list!




Finally, I can spread my love to the world!! Thank you to all my fans. It is my pleasure to be your mascot! And I am so excited about my promotion to Producer of Animal Entertainers. ELVIS IS IN THE BUILDING!!!